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Welding is a fabrication process that joins materials, mostly metals, by using high heat to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool, causing fusion. It is a widely used technique in the fabrication of equipment such as tubes or heat exchangers. Below you can find the latest newsitems that involve the topic of welding. If you wish to include your newsrelease on our Stainless Steel World Americas website and email newsletter, please feel free to contact us.

Featured Story – Bridging the Gap Between Research and Industry

An accepted manufacturing technique in some areas, 3D printing still seems to be in its infancy in others. One talented young man who is determined to play his part in furthering the practical application of 3D printing in the toughest of industries is Navin Sakthivel.

Featured Story – Ways Toward Carbon Neutral Stainless Steel Production

The steel industry ranks amongst the top three CO2 (carbon dioxide) emitters from the industrial segment, and many steelmakers have set carbon neutral goals for the 2030-2050 timeframe. In general, stainless steel producers have a smaller carbon footprint than most carbon steel producers — on average about half — yet many have focused on investigating and implementing various available decarbonization approaches.

Featured Story – The Varying Personalities of Exotic and Alloy Steels

Did you know that every metal has its own unique personality, nuances, quirks, and mannerisms? Did you know that a welder should be a kind of ‘metal-psychiatrist’ to be able to do the welding job correctly? This is something that Travis Field of Legion Piping Fabricators, has become acutely aware of during his career.

Featured Story – The Effects Of Low Temperature Carbon Diffusion On Stainless Steel

Stainless steels along with Nickel based alloys are often selected for many applications in corrosive environments. While resistance to corrosion makes them a favorable choice, poor tribological behavior may prevent a broader use of these materials. The Kolsterising® process is a proven method for the surface hardening of these materials by the diffusion of carbon.

Tweco® Centrovac Fume Extraction MIG Gun Captures Harmful Welding Fumes

Annapolis Junction, Md. – Tweco®, an ESAB brand, has introduced three models of Centrovac fume extraction MIG guns that remove welding fumes at the gun nozzle to help meet OSHA and ACGIH standards.

ESAB introduces Exaton 19.9.Nb HF

ESAB has introduced Exaton 19.9.Nb HF, classified as an AWS A5.9: ER347 as well as an EN ISO 14343-A S 19 9 Nb, is a 300 series austenitic steel submerged arc welding wire with niobium and high ferrite to further increase weld deposit mechanical properties at elevated temperature.

SWCR: Spring rewind arc welding reels power rewind

The Hannay SWCR arc welding reels are designed to handle single conductor electrode cable or grounding lead and offer a heavy-duty spring motor and quick connection to any welder.

Developing a weld procedure to join 17-4 PH to SA 516

During a recent project, a client requested the development of an ASME Section IX WPS for the joining of SA 693 Type 630 (17-4 precipitation hardened stainless steel) to SA 516 Gr.

National Welding Month recognized by engineers

Welding is the process of using high heat to fuse metal together. At Arnold Air Force Base, located in Tennessee, and the headquarters for Arnold Engineering Development Complex, there are boilermakers, pipefitters, ironworkers, sheet metal workers and machinists in the model and machine shop who specialize in the skill of welding.

Kemppi: designed for welders

Kemppi, a leader in the global welding market, has been through many changes during the last few years. In order for their story to portray what Kemppi is, the company has reviewed their brand story and slogan.