Module Delivers Multiple Options for Pipe Welding

Xellar Technologies offers the X-Weld module for welding pipes and profiles using microplasma, TIG, laser, and high-frequency welding as required. It can reach speeds up to 35 m/min. for most processes and 200 m/min. for the high-frequency version.

According to the company, the weld seams meet the specifications of the European standard EN 10217-7 DIN for welded steel pipes under pressure loads.

The welding module can be used for materials from low-alloy to high-strength plain, stainless, and duplex steels, as well as for aluminum, manganese, copper, brass, and titanium. It can process cold- and hot-rolled, galvanized and nongalvanized, and pickled and unpickled surfaces.

Courtesy of Xellar Technologies.

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