Green Steel World 2023


Working together with global Stainless Steel Materials’ experts, engineers and companies involved in the manufacture or use of stainless steels/CRAs, we provide here a selection of original, non-commercial articles. These in-depth technical papers are written or co-written by operating companies, describing commercially viable new technologies and case histories of successful applications, backed by data. Topics include tubes & pipes, cladding, offshore, chemical process industry, welding & fabrication, 13Cr stainless steels, titanium, nickel alloys, pulp & paper and duplex stainless steels.
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Necessity of Stainless Steel in Pharmaceutical Processes 

The global economy is finally rebounding from almost two years of COVID-19 restrictions and in these early days of a post-pandemic world, some signs of things to come appear to be seen. We are not taking about supply chain issues; for example, manufacturers, distributors, and end users fighting over trucks, containers, and ships to move their goods. This is blatantly a huge inconvenience, for sure, but a temporary one; not expected to last enough to change the major drive affecting the stainless steel market in the coming years: climate change.

Bridging the Gap Between Research and Industry

An accepted manufacturing technique in some areas, 3D printing still seems to be in its infancy in others. One talented young man who is determined to play his part in furthering the practical application of 3D printing in the toughest of industries is Navin Sakthivel.

Ultrasonic inspection techniques from NDE Professionals

NDE Professionals Inc. (NPI) offers Ultrasonic testing, which is a versatile inspection technique that is used to test a variety of both metallic and non-metallic products such as welds, forgings, plate, tubing, plastics, and ceramics.

Stainless steels are the sustainable option

The Zero Waste International Association ( defines “Zero Waste” as the conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials without burning, and with no discharges to land, water, or air that threaten the environment or human health.

A silver lining in carbon neutrality

At first glance, the carbon neutrality initiative could be considered harmful to the stainless steel industry, but there is actually a silver—or should we say ‘stainless’— lining to this cloud.

How to properly install & transport your heat exchanger

Heat exchangers are large pieces of equipment. In order to properly install, perform maintenance, repair and replace heat exchangers, service providers, engineers and operators require heavy-lifting tools and proper planning in order to move them in or out of the facility, safely and efficiently.

Recent pandemic impact on global stainless steel market

The markets for stainless steel are still being impacted by COVID-19 and its effects on the world economy. Some nations such as China have gained a temporary, and possibly permanent, advantage due to their success in dealing with the virus.

IMOA reports global molybdenum production has risen

Figures released by the International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) show that the global production of molybdenum has risen by 3% to 148.2mlbs when compared to the previous quarter of 2020 and the same quarter of 2019.

Sandvik will soon divest exploration business

Sandvik has signed an agreement to divest its Exploration business to Drillman, a subsidiary of the M Group of companies, which is 100% owned and operated in Australia.