Cobot Welder Integrates The New Miller Auto DeltaWeld

Cobot Welder

Hirebotics has launched support for the new Miller® Auto DeltaWeld with their Cobot Welder.

The Miller Auto DeltaWeld System is a MIG/Flux-cored, pulsed-capable power source designed for cobots.

Beacon, a smartphone app, now controls the entire cobot welding setup. The Beacon-powered Cobot Welder lets the user control everything in one place—a simple smartphone/tablet interface. This makes the process easier and faster compared to systems where welders must go back and forth between the teach pendant and the power source.

The new Miller Auto DeltaWeld integration into the Cobot Welder future-proofs the system. With remote software updating, future welding features and functions can be easily integrated with the Cobot Welder.

The Cobot Welder is a straightforward, app-controlled, turnkey, off-the-shelf welding automation solution.

Courtesy of Hirebotics.

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