A Welcome from the Vice-Chairman of Heat Exchanger World Americas Conference & Expo 2024

The Heat Exchanger World Americas Team is delighted to welcome the Vice-Chairman of our 2024 conference, Bill Ashenhart, Heat Transfer SME at S&B Engineers and Constructors.

“I am honored and excited to be the Vice-Chair for the Heat Exchanger World Conference & Expo Americas 2024.

This conference is unusual in the Heat Exchanger arena because the attendance is from all aspects of the field of heat exchange equipment. Attendees, sponsors, sub-sponsors, and presenters represent the gamut from the raw material and fabrication equipment suppliers, EPC organizations, heat exchanger fabricators, end users, and even further to those responsible for maintaining the equipment over its lifespan.

The Texas & Louisiana Gulf Coast has long been recognized as the Energy Capital of the world with Houston being at the center. The location of this Expo at the NRG Convention Center is a recognition of the growth of the Conference and its importance to the Gulf Coast.

On a personal basis, one of my primary reasons for coming to an event of this type is that I always discover or learn something new. I use the word “discover” because that is how I view learning new things. I am using my curiosity to discover and learn.

At the Heat Exchanger World Americas Conference and Expo 2024, people from across the spectrum of heat exchanger equipment can attend unique and relevant technical presentations, network with industry peers alongside discovering new equipment and techniques to make their jobs easier. This conference offers something for everyone, no matter what industry they work in. I believe that every attendee will “discover” something new and applicable to their daily job from their participation.

In keeping with my viewpoint of the “discovery / learning” aspect of this conference, I have a request to all who read this message. Do you have a topic that you would be willing to present at the Conference? If so, then please submit a short abstract of your proposed presentation to our Steering Committee for review. Or, if you have an idea for a topic you would like to see discussed, then send us a few descriptive sentences about it. We can then look for an industry expert willing to present on the topic of interest. Based on my experience, giving a presentation is not only personally rewarding but also a great way to encourage discussion, share non-proprietary information, and help propel our industries forward.”

Please join us at the Heat Exchanger World Americas Expo & Conference on October 16th-17th, 2024 at the NRG Center in Houston, TX! We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information visit our site: https://heat-exchanger-world-americas.com/

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