Vestas’ new production strategy for Brazil

The global wind turbine company, Vestas, will be refocusing its efforts on the Brazilian market by implementing a new strategy for profitable growth in the country. The company is planning to invest up to EUR $32 million to meet local content requirements and make priority initiatives that will help the country be a stronger competitor in the local wind industry.

Vestas will localize 70 percent of hub and nacelle manufacturing for its 2MW turbines at its facility near Fortaleza in the northeastern state of Ceará. This will allow production levels to reach over 400 MW per year with the potential of 800 MW. In addition, blade and tower production will also be done locally.

The company will also transfer knowledge behind the state-of-the-art V110.2.0 MW turbine to the local Brazilian organization by educating employees in the best wind facilities in the world, including the United States of America. It is hoping to create up to 300 direct jobs in Brazil and approximately 1,500 indirect jobs over the upcoming months.

“We are delighted to announce our plan to ramp up operations in Brazil to comply with local requirements,” says Jean-Marc Lechêne, Vestas executive vice president of Manufacturing and Global Sourcing. “Brazil is one of the most competitive and fastest-growing markets in the world. We are confident these investments will meet local content requirements and position Vestas as a key player in the Brazilian market.”

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