TRUMPF Trulaser 5000 Series Equipped With 24 Kw of Laser Power

TRUMPF has unveiled the upgraded TruLaser 5000 series laser cutting machine outfitted with a laser providing twice the power that was formerly standard. With an output of 24 kW, the TruDisk 24001 laser can process sheet metal parts up to three times more quickly, the company states.

The machine can cut mild steel up to 3/4 in. thick using nitrogen as the cutting gas with barely any need for reworking. According to the manufacturer, the increased laser power improves the quality of cut parts, especially for medium and high sheet thicknesses.

Courtesy of TRUMPF.

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Shopia Ketheeswararajah is a feature editor contributing to Pump Engineer, Stainless steel World Americas, Hose and Coupling World, and other related print & online media.