Titanium gets final Canadian Patent for oil sands

Titanium Corporation Inc. has been awarded the final of the three core Canadian patents that together secure its innovative green oil sands technology. The new patent is for a novel process that recovers bitumen from froth treatment tailings.
“Securing this final Canadian patent is an important milestone in our intellectual property program that solidifies our position as the leading developer of value-added, environmentally advantageous tailings recovery technologies,” said Titanium’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Scott Nelson. “Recovering residual bitumen, solvents and minerals from oil sands tailings is a sustainable and profitable business that extracts value from industrial waste and reduces emissions.”

Titanium has also received the final results of independent testing on its recent pilot at CanmetENERGY. The results are further confirmation that the Company’s technology can recover large quantities of valuable residual bitumen, solvents and minerals from oil sands tailings, with important environmental benefits that include reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Titanium’s pilot achieved excellent recoveries of 82 per cent of residual bitumen from the oil sands tailings stream and 98 per cent of the solvents. The pilot produced a large bulk sample of heavy mineral concentrates for separation processing into samples of zircon, an essential material in the worldwide ceramics industry. The pilot achieved all of its objectives at larger scale processing. These performance levels solidify confidence for commercializing Titanium’s technology, the prime initiative the company is pursuing with industry and the Government of Alberta.
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