Sandvik Sanicro 25 achieves ASME BPVC approval

An austenitic stainless steel with excellent high temperature properties, Sanicro 25 is suitable for use at material temperatures up to 700C (1292°F). It has a higher maximum allowable stress value than any other iron-based austenitic stainless steel material available today. 

Sanicro 25 combines high creep strength, oxidation resistance and structural stability with good fabrication capability. This makes it extremely suitable for use in superheaters and reheaters in advanced coal-fired power boilers. It is also possible to use the material in other high-temperature steam boiler applications employing different fuel types. Higher-efficiency power stations that operate at elevated temperatures have a positive effect in significantly reducing emissions, including carbon dioxide (CO2).

The material is covered under ASME code case number 2753 for Section 1 – ‘Rules for the Construction of Power Boilers’ and 2752, Section Vlll, Division 1 – ‘Rules for the Construction of Pressure Vessels’. Due for publication in July 2013, the code cases can now be applied to the use of Sanicro 25 tubes in boilers designed in accordance to the ASME BPVC rules.
Complete details of the material, including full chemical composition, and maximum allowable stress values are published in the material datasheet for Sanicro 25 available on
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