Tenaris Solution for Dual-Fuel Plants and Hydrogen Applications

As the hydrogen sector takes on an increasingly leading role in the energy transition, Tenaris is responding to the market with its latest material technology for all hydrogen applications, THera™, Tenaris Hydrogen era.

Erick Escorza, Tenaris Industrial & Process Technology Senior Director, presented THera™ at Enlit Europe in Milan, Italy, an event dedicated to all aspects related to the European energy transition.   The robust, high-strength material offers customers a solution with proven fatigue life and reliable performance in hydrogen environments.

“We are a company that continuously invests to advance the industry,” highlighted Escorza. “With the energy transition underway, we are applying our decades of experience to further develop and improve our solutions for a broad spectrum of applications, such as hydrogen, which require steels with microstructural characteristics designed to avoid embrittlement even at very high pressures.”

THera™ applications include hydrogen storage systems for refueling stations designed for pressures from 240 bar up to 1000 bar; tube trailers with customized dimensions and lengths to optimize the hydrogen transport design; onshore and offshore pipelines to safely transport up to 100% hydrogen.

To meet the demand for increased efficiency and flexibility in the latest generation thermoelectric power plants, Tenaris has designed another advanced material, Thor® 115 – Tenaris High Oxidation Resistance Steel – a ferritic steel with 11% chromium content, with superior performance in more challenging situations where the temperature can reach 620 ° C. Thor® 115 is also a reliable solution for use in dual gas-hydrogen power plants, where it guarantees high resistance to oxidation and erosion resulting from the increase in working temperature and the presence of hydrogen.

Tenaris has invested over $10 million dollars in recent years to develop this new steel capable of allowing the production of steam at higher temperatures than traditional steels with chromium content up to 9%, offering greater reliability to electricity production plants.

Courtesy of Tenaris.

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