Statement About Acquisition of United States Steel Corporation

The transaction delivers clear benefits to U. S. Steel, union workers, the broader American steel industry, and American national security. Through increased financial investment and the contribution of advanced technologies to U. S. Steel, Nippon Steel will advance American priorities by driving greater quality and competitiveness for customers in the critical industries that rely on American steel while strengthening American supply chains.

No other U.S. steel company on its own can meet this challenge while also meeting antitrust requirements. Nippon Steel aims to bolster and grow U. S. Steel in the U.S. market in a way that prioritizes its talented employees, and the company has provided significant commitments to the USW in its continued efforts to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. These include job security, pension security, capital investment, technology sharing, financial reporting, and the ability to enforce contractual obligations post-closing.

Courtesy of Nippon Steel.

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