Stainless steel welding electrodes

Select-Arc, Inc., based out of Ohio, US, has introduced two flux cored, martensitic stainless steel electrodes that are designed for welding in the flat and horizontal positions. Select 410 (E410T0-4), which contains 12% chromium, is utilized to weld straight 410 stainless steel and features good corrosion and oxidation resistance up to 1200 degrees F. This electrode provides a smooth spray arc transfer with low spatter and produces a rippled bead with a self peeling slag. The weld deposit is air hardening and is normally heat-treated after welding. Select 410NiMo is composed of 12% chromium, 4.5% nickel and .65% molybdenum with a maximum carbon content of .06%. Select 410NiMo is primarily used to weld ASTM CA6NM castings and certain 410 alloys, usually for blades and vanes in power generation equipment. Select 410 and 410NiMo are available in .045in through 3/32in diameters.
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