Stainless Steel Product Without A Local Metal Fabricator

Cascadia is an all 316-marine-grade stainless steel product that is simple to install and offers a clean, elegant appearance. With Cascadia, AGS Stainless has created a product that captures the high visual impact of a custom-made, stainless steel railing system; but in a product that is available from your local building materials supplier. Cascadia consists of less than 8 SKU’s, and it can be offered to your clients at a price that is a fraction of the cost of locally fabricated stainless railing.

Key Features of Cascadia:

The elegant look of a custom-made, stainless steel bar rail system

No custom-design work is required, saving both time and expense

Engineered for residential applications, ICC – ES certification*

A welded base plate with an adjustable stem at top to accommodate sloped conditions

Available at your local lumber dealer

Easy to assemble/install. No special tools or skills needed to install

A clean, refined look that will help differentiate your projects

Courtesy of AGS Stainless.

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Sara Mathov is a feature editor contributing to Valve World Americas, Stainless steel World Americas and other related print & online media.