Siemens wins first order for SGT-750 turbine

Siemens Energy has received a first order from North America for the supply of its SGT-750 industrial gas turbine. The purchaser is Energia MK KF, S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of textile manufacturer Grupo Kaltex. When commercially operational in October 2013, the 36MW facility will supply electricity to the textile facilities operated by Grupo Kaltex in Mexico. The Energia MK KF, S.A. de C.V., combined heat and power plant with a total installed capacity of 36MW will be located in Altamira, in Tamaulipas State, Mexico. One-third of the total electrical capacity will be used for the Kaltex facility on site and two-thirds will be fed into the grid for other Kaltex facilities in Mexico. The plant will meet approximately 40% of Kaltex’s power needs in Mexico. The SGT-750 turbine will generate all the process steam needed for producing synthetic fibers. The Siemens scope of supply includes the supply, installation and commissioning of the SGT-750 gas turbine together with the electrical generator, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) with supplementary firing system and auxiliary systems. 

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