Corrosion Awareness Day

Corrosion is a pervasive problem that costs 3% or more of GDP for most developed nations. Sustainable solutions exist and the World Corrosion Organization (WCO) has dedicated 24 April 2012 to raising awareness about the impact of corrosion on people, infrastructure, economies, and the environment, and what can be done to prevent and control it. This year 27 organizations worldwide hosted activities to inform representatives from industry, government and academia about corrosion control options and the savings at stake for countries who implement proactive efforts. 
This year, the WCO specifically dedicated its resources to focus on the growing problem of corrosion in water and waste systems. According to data from the United Nations, more than 2.5 billion of the world’s 7 billion inhabitants do not have access to potable water. While most of them are in underdeveloped countries in Africa, Asia and South America, there are portions of more developed nations where potable water does not exist, is in very limited supply, or is subject to contamination from natural impurities such as arsenic and excessive solids, pollution of surface and waters caused by man-made contamination from industrial wastes (e.g. chromates), hydrocarbons from ruptured pipelines and/or well contamination, or even raw sewage.  
In the U.S. alone, the direct cost of corrosion in water and waste water systems was estimated to be USD 40 billion according to a 2002 report commissioned by the Federal Highway Administration; today that amount is estimated to be USD 53 billion.   
The Global activities that took place on Corrosion Awareness Day educated and informed policy-makers and the general population of the risks involved in failure to prevent corrosion. NACE International, the world’s largest organization dedicated to corrosion control, met with members of the U.S. government about the costs of corrosion during the 3-day event culminating in a briefing on Capitol Hill. Other events are scheduled to occur in China, Germany and Israel.
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