Robotic Weld Fume Extractor Available In Three CFM Ratings

RoboVent has released an updated modular version of its Spire robotic weld fume extractor. The small-footprint system is now available in three sizes and CFM ratings to accommodate a variety of airflow requirements. Each unit has a footprint of 36 by 36 in., with varying heights to accommodate different filter configurations.

The smallest size, with four filter cartridges and 2,200 CFM, is suitable for a single robot or small 10- by 10-ft. weld cell. The medium unit, with six filter cartridges and 3,300 CFM, supports a 15- by 15-ft. robotic cell. The large, 10-cartridge extractor offers 5,500 CFM and supports up to two robotic weld cells.

Courtesy of Robovent.

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