Cutter Combines Core-Hole Drilling, Chamfering, And Threading in One Tool

Walter Tools has introduced its Thrill∙tec TC645 Supreme thread milling cutter, which combines the machining steps of core-hole drilling, chamfering, and threading in a single tool.

The tool creates the core hole and threads using helical interpolation. The left-hand cutting tool can also be used for chamfering, which should take place before thread milling at the thread entry. The tool’s face, or front milling geometry, enables core-hole drilling, chamfering, milling, and threading.

The thread mill is made of the high-performance coated WB10TJ grade to enable universal machining of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metal, and super alloys and titanium alloys.

Courtesy of Walter Tools.

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Shopia Ketheeswararajah is a feature editor contributing to Pump Engineer, Stainless steel World Americas, Hose and Coupling World, and other related print & online media.