Nippon Steel to launch ZEXEED™

Users of high corrosion resistance steel will have a wider range of choice when an addition to the product line made by Nippon Steel goes on the market in October 2021. The new product, ZEXEED, has twice the resistance in flat areas than conventional high corrosion resistant steel now in use.

Since 2000, Nippon Steel’s high corrosion resistant coated steel SuperDyma™ and ZAM™ have been adopted by manufacturers in the building materials, automobiles, home appliances, and industrial machinery industries, and their cumulative global sales have reached approximately 15 million tons. ZEXEED was developed to satisfy the market demand for higher corrosion resistance. ZEXEED will particularly be an excellent material of choice to be used for projects in a harsh environment or in coastal or other areas with high humidity and high temperature.

ZEXEED has superior corrosion resistance that far exceeds both that of post-plating, commonly used in the civil engineering and social infrastructure sectors, and conventional high corrosion resistant steel. Tests conducted by Nippon Steel confirmed that ZEXEED’s corrosion resistance of flat areas is about twice as high as that of the conventional steel of the same kind and about 10 times higher than that of hot-dip galvanized (GI) steel.

Nippon Steel will also launch the Nippon Steel High Corrosion Resistant Coated Steel Sheet Series by adding the newly developed ZEXEED to our existing high corrosion resistant coated products with various functions that we have developed over our long history. The company has been a leader in the industry regarding high corrosion resistant coated steel for many years, and has developed a wide variety of functions to steel and an extensive menu of products that no other company can offer.

Courtesy of Nippon Steel Corporation.