New website features from AST

American Sensor Technologies Inc. (AST) has a new website look to make pressure sensor selection easier. The home page Flash presentation has been revised to give new visitors a better understanding of AST’s product offerings, unique technology, and the main markets in which pressure sensors are applied. Slight modifications to the top and bottom toolbars allow for greater access to AST’s main content. The product page has had a complete overhaul, featuring a new pressure sensor product selector. Visitors to the website can narrow down products through the left-hand selection guide. Six main categories make it easier to choose between products. Each pressure sensor now has a brief description to differentiate products to first time visitors. Visitors that know exactly which product is required can make selections from the list or on the “Sensor by Series” page. In addition to the product selector, each product page has a “Quick Contact” form.  The Application Notes page is a growing database of pressure sensor solutions.

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