New milling cutter hits peak of titanium machining

Ceratizit Group has developed a milling cutter purely with the machining of titanium in mind, with a focus on the aerospace and medical device sectors. 
Ceratizit, headquartered in Luxembourg with production and sale sites in North America, is a specialist in solid carbide milling cutters. The development of the MonsterMill TCR series is said to bring increased process security and extended tool life.
In its creation Ceratizit’s developers looked closely at chip formation in designing the variable and irregular pitch of the cutter flutes. In addition, the chip space has been specially shaped to increase swarf removal. The team then focused on improving cutting data and tool life. Changes included the development of a high-performance substrate with extreme toughness and added resistance to flexing under cut. This was complemented by a reinforced cutter core.
Finally, Ceratizit’s Dragonskin coating technology was used to reduce thermal loads, and deliver high levels of wear resistance. For medical devices where coating cross contamination may be an issue, the MonsterMill TCR cutters can be specified without the Dragonskin coating. These developments have resulted in an increased tool life by 28%. 
Image courtesy of Aerospace Manufacturing
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