Sandvik President and CEO to leave company in 2020

As of February 1, 2020, Björn Rosengren will resign as President and CEO, and leave Sandvik.
The Sandvik Board of Directs have been meeting to initiate the work to appoint a new President and CEO for the company.
“Björn Rosengren has, since he joined Sandvik in November 2015, established a solid decentralized business model for the company, and has made the organization more flexible and efficient,” says Johan Molin, Chairman of the Board for Sandvik. “We will initiate the process to assign a very experienced and competent industrial leader that can succeed Björn in the role as President and CEO, and continue to develop the company even further.”
Rosengren explains that decision to resign and leave the company was not an easy one, “Sandvik is a great company with a lot of future potential, and I will continue to lead the organization with a strong commitment until the end of January.”

Image courtesy of Sandvik
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