Madison Chemical introduces new cleaner for stainless

Madison Chemical has introduced ALUMA-CLING BLUE, a moderately acidic, thickened-gel formulation for cleaning aluminum alloys, especially bright, decorative aluminum with no brushing.

This phosphate-free product has ideal detergency and rinsing properties, and is recommended for 5,000 and 6,000 series aluminum alloys and stainless-steel surfaces. It effectively removes plasma smoke residue, weld marks, light oxide, and discoloration due to previous processing, and eliminates or greatly reduces streaking, yellowing, whitening, and over-etching caused by aggressive acids. Easily applied at full-strength by pump, spray, or manually wiping or brushing, ALUMA-CLING BLUE reduces the number of steps and often the manual brushing necessary to obtain a clean, bright aluminum surface.  

For best results use ALUMA-CLING BLUE at full strength (100%) at room temperature. Contact time dependent upon soil loading and application, with 1 to 15 minutes as a reasonable starting point. Longer contact time or reapplication may be required for moderate-to-heavy contaminants. Follow with a cold-water rinse. Optimum results on bright aluminum surfaces are achieved with a high-pressure cold-water rinse.  

Madison Chemical is a chemical formulator providing cleaning, sanitation, maintenance, and surface preparation products for the craft brewery, pulp and paper, metalworking, food processing, industrial maintenance, transportation, wastewater treatment, winery, and other industries. 

Press release and image courtesy of Madison Chemical
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