Titanium in the chemical processing industry

In his article ‘The use of titanium for heat transfer in the chemical processing industry’, Chuck Young, Metallurgist and Business Development Manager at Tricor Metals, describes how the transfer of heat from one fluid to another is an essential component of all chemical processes. Whether it is to cool down a chemical after it has been formed during an exothermic reaction, or to heat-up components before starting a reaction to make a final product, understanding the elements to design an effective, efficient heat transfer system is the key to cost-effective manufacturing of most chemicals today.

“This understanding not only includes having the knowledge of various fluids’ physical characteristics and chemical makeup but also flow rates, system temperatures, and allowable pressures and pressure drops,” Young writes. “Titanium, which has been in the heat exchanger service for almost 60 years in refineries and nuclear power facilities, offers several different alloy grades that can be used in heat transfer equipment in the chemical process industry.”

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