Hexagon Solution Flattens 3D CAD Models Sheet-Metal Design

New modelling technology for sheet-metal applications announced by Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division enables the ‘flattening’ of 3D models in preparation for manufacturing, making it easier to prepare 3D computer-aided design (CAD) data for production. These new modelling tools also provide fabricators with a competitive advantage by predicting material behavior and helping to create designs for parts and assemblies that perform as required with less material.

Sheet-metal professionals frequently complete jobs in fewer than 24 hours while striving to underbid and outperform their competition. As customers supply 3D models created in a range of different CAD systems, designers are tasked with extracting data that can’t be immediately used for sheet-metal production. The ability to convert those models into 2D drawings and use modelling tools developed specifically for sheet-metal processing makes it easier to quickly quote jobs and transition to production. Hexagon’s RADAN software for sheet-metal production now includes a direct link to Hexagon’s DESIGNER direct modelling software, which makes it possible to validate models virtually for optimal production.

In addition to seamless interoperability with RADAN, DESIGNER’s connection with RADAN Radquote quotation software, Radbend software for bending, and Radtube software for tube processing ensures that its modelling strengths can be applied to every sheet-metal process. The software’s link with Radquote enables users to break 3D models of assemblies down into multiple parts for cost analysis, including labour, shipping and transportation. Radquote can now work with a broader range of CAD formats for improved ability to quickly respond to customer requests.

Courtesy of Hexagon.

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