ExOne launches 3D printing for metal production

ExOne has launched industrial-grade 3D printing tooling products for metal, plastic and composite production.

X1 MetalTool is available in 420i, a highly durable and affordable steel-bronze matrix, as well as 316L stainless steel, M2 tool steel; and more. This tooling can be finished machines, acid etched and polished to a diamond finish and is ideal for complex inserts

“Today’s launch of the X1 Tooling portfolio is the direct result of strong customer demand for tooling options that speed up delivery times and bring tooling closer to the point of final production, wherever that is for them,” commented John Hartner, ExOne’s CEO. “As the COVID pandemic has continued disrupting supply chains, we’ve had more and more manufacturers ask us: ‘Can you 3D print tooling?’ Today, we’d like the market to know that the answer is yes — we can help de-risk your supply chains and make them more sustainable, with less shipping and other forms of waste. Our new tooling portfolio is a grand slam of fast and affordable new tooling options for manufacturers.”

Image credit: TCT Magazine