BeIGAS introduces new regulator series

The BeIGAS division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation is introducing its Type 95H large capacity direct operating pressure reducing regulator.

The regulator is available in three different spring ranges, the compact Type 95H offers field-proven design, rugged construction, ease of operation, set pressures and leak tight operation. The body can be made in iron, steel or stainless steel in a size anywhere from ½” to 1.” Other additional options include a metal or elastometric diaphragm, various orifice seat materials and several unique end connections.

The regulators are meant to handle outlet pressures from five to 150 psig (0.35 to 10.3 bar) and temperatures up to +650°F (+343°C). The Type 95H can serve as a high-reliability drop-in replacement for legacy industry regulators with full interchangeability of parts and full in-line maintenance capabilities. All of the large capacity direct operating pressure-reducing regulators are manufactured in the US at the ISO9001 certified Marsh Bellofram Corporation headquarters in Newell, West Virginia.

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