Anhui Xinke orders copper casting plant

Anhui Xinke New Materials, based in Wuhu, Anhui Province, China, has placed an order with SMS Meer, Germany, for the delivery of a vertical discontinuous caster for slabs. The casting plant features special mold technology that enables special alloys such as copperiron to be cast into slabs.
As a result, Anhui Xinke is able to produce high-quality copper strips for the electronics industry.
The new plant has an annual capacity of up to 20,000 t of 620 x 200 mm slabs. The critical solidification phase of CuFe alloys requires a carefully controlled cooling process, achieved with the use of a so-called “dry-casting cooling system.” SMS Meer will be supplying the cooling water regulation system for controlled heat management, as well as special casting cylinders incorporating separate water circuits which allow individual control of each cooling zone.
“The dedicated mold technology for special alloys requires specific casting know-how, which we are able to offer the customer,” said SMS Meer’s Carsten Bretz. “This technology allows the customer to achieve both a high output level and a homogeneous cast structure, essential for achieving the best results during subsequent rolling processes.”
Commissioning has been scheduled for the first quarter of 2014.
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