Siemens wins contract at Blackhawk Station power p

Siemens has been awarded a long-term service agreement for the Blackhawk Station power plant in Hutchinson County, Texas by Borger Energy Associates LP. The new agreement covers scheduled maintenance activities, program management, spare parts and performance monitoring over the next 10 years and will enable Siemens and Blackhawk Station to take advantage of hardware designed to help extend scheduled inspection intervals on the two W501D5A (now named SGT6-3000E) combustion turbines at the facility.
Blackhawk Station is a 230 megawatt rated (MW) gas fired cogeneration facility, located in Borger, Texas, which provides electric capacity and energy to the local power grid. Exhaust from the two Siemens W501D5A gas turbines is directed to HRSGs where the thermal energy in the exhaust gases is recovered to generate steam. The high pressure steam is exported to an adjoining petroleum refining complex.
“We look forward to continuing to provide world-class service and maintenance at the Blackhawk Station,” said Head of Service Fossil Marketing & Implementation, Region North America, Siemens Energy,Rick Mould. “Siemens has been servicing the two W501D5A turbines at Blackhawk since 2003 and we are committed to helping this facility continue to provide reliable energy to its customers for years to come.”
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