Amada’s cutting new technology

Clean Fast Cut (CFC) is Amada’s new fibre laser cutting machine technology, which is up to 90 per cent faster than standard CFC, and uses less nitrogen when cutting something like 8mm stainless steel.

This stems from a new design of cutting nozzle that optimizes gas flow dynamics, and the company’s own fibre laser engine with 3kW diode modules, which is claimed to be the largest in the industry.

This new technology has the capability of delivering significant benefits to general subcontractors cutting mid-thickness stainless steel and mild steel, as the higher cutting speeds and lower gas consumption give a reduced cost-per-part.

Those needing to weld or paint parts after processing will also benefit because there is no need to clean the edges, which is required when using oxygen. Food, marine, medical, and chemical plant equipment producers will also find CFC helpful through higher productivity in stainless steel processing.

Other features include the nozzle not touching the sheet of material, so not to produce marks or scratches, and CFC doesn’t require excessive nesting gaps between parts. Therefore, sheet utilization can be maximized, further reducing cost-per-part, while close pitch holes can be processed without affecting gas flow dynamics.

Image courtesy of Production Engineering Solutions 
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