HP now printing stainless steel

The HP Metal Jet 3D printing technology has been launched, and is designed to deliver mechanically functional parts faster than current systems.

The technology aims to revamp factory production for auto, industrial, and healthcare companies, and the plans for the HP Metal Jet were unveiled at the International Manufacturing Technology Show. 

The initial metal focus for HP will revolve around stainless steel because of its target for mass production, and as demands form, the company will continue to move into other metals as well. 
HP’s road map for Metal Jet 3D printing systems features parts produced with partners, the production service in 2019, select availability in 2020, and a broad rollout in 2021.

HP has outlined partnerships with GKN Powder Metallurgy and Parmatech to create Metal Jet parts for Johnson & Johnson, Volkswagen and Wilo. 

Image courtesy of ZD Net
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