Zeppini Ecoflex to trade its stainless steel produ

Zeppini Ecoflex has begun a worldwide commercialization of its full line of stainless steel products to the international public. These products, which meet all the current standards, ensure that the Petrol Stations are fully prepared to work with a variety of biofuels, such as ethanol, diesel, biodiesel, DEF (Diesel Exaust Fluid)/Ad Blue, among others.
The new stainless steel line includes: Line Filter, Transition Fittings, Fill Cap, Flexible Connectors, and Check Valves.
This equipment is the most suitable and recommended for use with biofuels, ensuring the fuel transport from the discharge, through piping, to the output for supplying the vehicle.
This full line is already available throughout the network of representation and distribution in more than 80 countries where Zeppini Ecoflex is present.
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