worldsteel announces safety awards

Six excellent safety and health programs have been recognized by worldsteel including three programs from the South American branches of ArcelorMittal, Gerdau and Ternium. Joon-Yang Chung, worldsteel’s 2013/2014 Chairman stated that the recognized companies have “shown a continued commitment to leadership in safety and health by demanding uncompromising safety standards.”

ArcelorMittal Tubarao Brazil was recognized for its ‘Quality of Life Program’ aimed at a healthier life and a zero accident environment. Currently, the company has 92 percent of its employees on its ‘best health profile.’

Gerdau Brazil was acknowledged for developing its safety behaviour management assessment. The company’s safety corporate team assesses each plant twice a year and produces a specific report, which details areas for improvements.

Ternium’s branches in Argentina and Mexico were recognized for implementing a ‘Logistics Safety Preventive Action Plan’ to prevent accidents in the supply chain department. The company implemented safety practices designed to address each area, which resulted in a 90 percent reduction on the LTIFR since its launch in 2009.

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