Wheatland Steel Processing acquires

Pennsylvania, US-based Wheatland Steel Processing has recently acquired a Hyd-Mech 18A Horizontal dual post saw, providing accurate 90 degree metal cutting from 1/8in angle iron to 18in stainless steel billets. The H-18A cuts fast, with its high speed shuttle feed indexing up to 34in in a single movement. Its standard split front vise delivers a short material remnant length, reducing material waste. Featuring an 18in x 18in capacity, 10 HP motor, and 1.5in blade, the H-18A is suitable for horizontal metal cutting applications. Examples include angle iron stacked bundles, pipe, tubing and steel, which can be trimmed front and back. The Hyd-Mech saw can hold +/-002 for every inch of cut, height and width. It can hold +/- of .010 on the length.
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