Vogelsang’s new stainless steel IQ pump

Vogelsang, which has locations across the world including the Americas, has launched its new stainless model of IQ pump.

The new model of IQ pump is available in stainless steel, making it ideal for use with chemically aggressive media. All the parts that come into contact with the pumped medium, such as the pump cover, pump housing and connections, are cast out of stainless steel (1.4581) and are therefore highly resistant to acids.

The entire IQ series is incredibly easy to handle and cheap to operate. Variable connections make for flexible installation. The pump chamber consists of one central part, meaning that the inside of the pump can be accessed in next to no time. By simply removing the cover, the inside can be cleaned and foreign matter removed quickly. There aren’t many spare parts so you will spend less time and money on replacing wear parts. The gearbox housing’s new design with integrated liquid buffer ensures excellent dry running protection and a high suction capacity. The IQ pump operates at a delivery rate of up to 77 m³/h at a pressure of up to max. 8 bar.

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