VICI Valco valves with stainless steel nuts

Valves for analytical high performance liquid chromatography can be actuated manually or automated with pneumatic or electric actuators. A complete valve product number includes information about the valve, actuator, and mounting hardware. Valves include stainless steel nuts and ferrules. 

The basic design of the VICI Valco valve lends itself to a unique variety of connecting slots and port arrangements. The rotor is held in place by a preload assembly, which allows rotor replacement without removing loops and tubing and without disengaging the valve from the actuator or mounting bracket. In addition, the preload assembly ensures that the valve is always reassembled to the factory-set tension.

Specifications include:  

• Max press: 5000 psi liq
• Max temp: 75°C
• Body: Nitronic 60
• Rotor: Valcon H

Image courtesy of VICI Valco Instruments
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