USA: natural gas storage hub

Tricor has filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for authorization to construct and operate a high-deliverability, multi-cycle underground natural gas storage facility in Kern County, California. The Tricor Ten Section natural gas storage facility will provide 22.4 billion cu/ft of working gas and 10.1 billion cu/ft of base gas. Upon completion, the storage facility will provide four high-speed cycles of service per year with a maximum withdrawal rate of 1.0 billion cu/ft per day and a maximum injection rate of 0.8 billion cu/ft per day. According to Tricor’s application, the facility initially will interconnect with the jointly-owned Kern River/Mojave interstate pipeline. In addition, however, the facility will be in close proximity to, and may later seek to interconnect with, the two major intrastate pipeline systems of Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Gas Co. Tricor has requested that FERC issue a certificate by February 2010 so that it may commence service in January 2012.
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