U of Akron wins titanium bridge competition

The University of Akron Blue Team has taken First Place in the Student Titanium Pedestrian Bridge Design Competition sponsored by the Defense Metals Technology Center (DMTC) of North Canton, Ohio, US. Judges chose Ball State for Second Place. They also selected three teams for Honorable Mention. First Honorable Mention was the University of Akron Gold Team. Second Honorable mention was Kent State University, and third Honorable mention was Miami University of Ohio. The new Titanium Pedestrian Bridge will help solve a logistical problem at the Quaker Square Inn at the University of Akron, which serves as a residence hall, hotel, and conference center. The development is fenced off from the main Akron campus by railroad tracks, which forces pedestrians to use remote bridges to access the main campus. Government and private funding will be sought for the bridge construction, which will be the first bridge in the US constructed exclusively of titanium.

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