Tubacex expands stainless steel product range

With locations throughout North and South America, Tubacex has just announced that it has strengthened its product portfolio for the oil and gas sector. For example, the company is now able to offer customers a wide range of stainless steel seamless pipes with an outside diameter from three mm to 72-inches. 

Just recently, Tubacex also signed a joint venture with the Japanese company Awaji Materia. This acquisition has enabled the company to complete the fittings range offered, until now through TTA (Spain) and IBF (Italy), through a Thailand-based manufacturing plant.
Jesús Esmorís, CEO of Tubacex recently commented, “We have been able to offer this new range to the oil and gas industry through our last acquisition of IBF in 2015, expanding the range of our products, and reinforcing the standard products through Tubacex India and Awaji stainless steel fittings division.”

The company plans to continue strengthening its value chain from the first stages (concept and product design) to the post-sales operations (installation and maintenance) making the most of the synergies inside the group companies and boosting its R&D activities in co-operation with technology centres. 
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