TRUMPF Trutool PS 100 Separates Small Laser-Cut Parts

TRUMPF Inc. offers the TruTool PS 100 part separator tool, which removes small parts from the scrap skeletons of laser-cut sheet metal. The pneumatically powered tool separates parts with nanojoint and microjoint connections in material thicknesses up to 0.47 in., including steel, chromium steel, aluminum, and special steel.

The tool can be used with either or both hands, and it comes with 0.2- and 0.25-in.-dia. air connections. To prevent damage to parts, the tool comes standard with a medium-hard hammer tip for mild steel and medium sheet thicknesses. An optional soft hammer tip is suitable for aluminum and nonferrous metal parts, while an optional hard hammer tip is designed for thicker sheet and high-strength materials.

Courtesy of TRUMPF.

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