Transducers USA’s line of stainless warning indicators

Transducers USA, an industry leading supplier of audible signal devices, has announced the expansion of their Tonelight™ Series of warning indicators to include a family of new models with stainless steel housings.  These panel-mounted devices feature a unique combination of audible and LED warning signals.  Tonelight annunciators emit both sound and flashing lights, which is especially desirable in environmental conditions with high levels of ambient noise. 

Two new models are offered:

TRIP-LB100SS-R12 – The voltage rating for this model is 12 VDC. Other models include 24 VDC and 110 VAC to 220 VAC.  The siren operates at 85dB @ 10cm.  Operating temperature range is -20? C to +55? C.  A screw terminal provides for panel mounting.  This model is rated IP50 and IK04.
TRIP-LB150SS-R12 – The voltage rating for this model is 12 AC/DC.  Current rating is <=30mA.  Its siren also operates at 85dB @10cm.  This model is rated IP40.
 All Tonelight units provide distinct audio/visual warnings with flashing LED lights and repetitive audio alerts.  The sound and light alert signals can be emitted simultaneously or separately.  In addition, Tonelight allows the audible alert signal to be delayed, allowing workers to have time to respond to visual alerts before the audible beeping begins.  
Image courtesy of Transducers USA
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