TPI/I Twin Push-Pull From Fronius Uses Pulse Multi Control And Cold Metal Transfer Processes

Fronius offers the TPS/i Twin Push-Pull system for synchronized welding with two individually controllable arcs. It is designed for use in motor vehicle and railway vehicle construction and is used to weld aluminum profiles or pressure containers using the pulse multi control (PMC) process.

The system also uses the cold metal transfer (CMT) process, enabling welding of aluminum, nickel-base alloys, and high-strength steels. The controlled heat input provided by the CMT process is also suitable for thin-sheet applications.

The combination of PMC and CMT helps ensure the high level of process reliable required for completely stable welding. Penetration and weld profile can be further optimized if each Twin arc is set to a different performance level.

Courtesy of Fronius.

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Sara Mathov is a feature editor contributing to Fugitive Emissions Journal, Stainless steel World Americas, and other related print & online media.