TidalWave acquires

TidalWave Holdings Inc has signed a binding letter of intent to acquire the New York based commodities trading firm NYMET Industrial Solutions Inc. From its New York offices, NYMET provides a logistics package to corporate clients sourcing a diverse array of commodities including products ranging from industrial materials including Scrap Steel HMS 1 & 2, scrap lead, manganese ore, iron ore, tin ore, chrome ore, steam coal, gold, silver, titanium sponge, e scrap and waste paper. NYMET has developed a presence in the South American mining sector and several other emerging countries which has resulted in securing several contracts with both governmental and private sector manufacturers and mineral rich land acquisitions. NYMET is proficient in ISO, HACCP, and ICC rules. While the acquisition remains pending the execution of definitive agreements, it is expected to add more than USD 6 million in revenue in 2009.
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