Texas city issues moratorium on stainless steel tubing

The city of Lubbock has suspended the installation of a specific type of corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) because of fire safety concerns.
These CSST products, when installed in commercial and residential structures, have the can become damaged from arcing due to lightning strikes. The first moratorium was issued in September 2012 and only included CSST products with a yellow dielectric outer jacket. However, the Lubbock Fire Marshal and Lubbock Building have now deemed it necessary to suspend installation on all CSST products, not just the ones with a yellow covering. A construction professional has commented, “It’s the right thing to do…If those gas lines aren’t properly grounded, you can have issues like fires.”
The moratorium is pending further review from the Fuel Gas Subcommittee of the Model Codes Board.
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