Tenaris orders PQF plant from SMS Meer

The leading supplier of tubes and other related services to the energy industry, Tenaris, has commissioned SMS Meer, the German company specializing in plant construction and mechanical engineering, with supplying a PQF plant for the Bay City site in Texas, US. 
This new PQF plant will have a Bilateral Change Over (BCO) design and will be able to produce 9 5/8” seamless tubes with improved tolerances. Tenaris is building this new plant to help meet the ever-rising demand for precise, high-strength tubes for use in shale-gas extraction. The hydraulic capsules that are connected to the rolling mill frame and the rolling forces that are symmetrically distributed over the entire rolling mill will improve the flexibility and efficiency of the plant.
This will be Tenaris’ first-ever seamless tube plant at a production site in the US. It is scheduled to be operational in 2016 and will produce an estimated 600,000 tons annually.
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