Tantaline CVD’s distribution agreement with ME-Metals

CVD Equipment Corporation, a provider of chemical vapor deposition systems and materials, announced today that its subsidiary CVD Materials Corporation through its Tantaline CVD group has entered into an agreement with ME-Metals & Technologies (ME-Metals) to market CVD’s Tantaline® anti-corrosion tantalum surface treatment services across The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

This is Tantaline CVD’s first distributor in Europe and is part of CVD’s global growth strategy to deliver quality corrosion resistant applications and components to more industrial companies around the world through immediate replies and rapid turnaround.

Emanuel Lakios, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of CVD Equipment Corporation stated, “We are pleased to have ME-Metals as one of our global distribution agents and expect the relationship to fuel the development of additional applications.”

ME-Metals has 25 years experience in the corrosion-resistant equipment and tools industry with its production facility centrally positioned in Western Europe. Its location allows the accessibility, on-site support, and communication which demanding engineering applications require.

Image courtesy of Tantaline CVD
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