SURFOX 304 MIG & TIG cleaning system

Walter Surface Technologies has released its new SURFOX 304 MIG & TIG cleaning system.

The SURFOX 304 is an electrochemical system designed to clean impurities on MIG and TIG welds allowing welders to safely and easily clean MIG & TIG welds without the need to use hazardous materials or the concern of altering the parent material’s surface. This system offers a safer alternative to clean MIG & TIG welds, while also promoting the formation of a passivation layer on the surface.

In addition, it comes complete with an exclusive flow-through liquid system that delivers the exact amount of electrolytic solution to the brush, preventing the risk of burning and delivering a seamless and consistent cleaning every time.

Three brush designs were created for the SURFOX 304: a triangular sleeve for MIG welds, a cylindrical sleeve for spot welds and tight corners, and a micro-wand with a cylindrical sleeve for intricate areas. Current SURFOX conductive pads can also be utilized with the new SURFOX 304 system.

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