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Videotec, a European-based company with locations around the globe, including North America, has release its new NVX camera. The product is an internet protocol (IP), fully HD, super low-light, and is highly corrosion resistant.
The camera incorporates the DELUX imaging and encoding technology for recording clear, colour video during the day or at night. Its highly-sensitive light sensor works with the DELUX technology to provide high colour rendering and maximum noise reduction in very low-light conditions.

The NVX’s external housing is made from AISI316L stainless steel, and has a compact and lightweight design which helps with installation and maintenance. 

With exceptional corrosion resistance, the NVX has an operational temperature range, and IP66 to IP69 protection.

The camera has been designed to perform in the sea and rail sectors, motorway tunnels and on industrial applications. 

Image courtesy of Offshore Technology
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