Stainless steel tape position sensor

Illinois, US-based ASM Sensors Inc. has expanded its line of absolute linear position sensors with the new POSITAPE WB17KT series of stainless steel tape sensors with measurement ranges of 137, 255 and 393in. The new POSITAPE series replaces the thin measurement cable with a thin, highly flexible stainless steel band. The WB17KT operates in a similar manner as a tape measure. An advantage of this technology is the ability to have a long measurement range in a relatively compact housing. Another advantage is its suitability for the use in confined locations where pulleys must be used. Due to the smooth surfaces of the tape, the risk of ice build is reduced. An optional brush is available to wipe off debris from the tape as it is being retracted. With these features, the WB17KT series is a rugged, industrial grade sensor that is suitable for the harsh environments that are associated with mobile cranes and related construction equipment. The WB17KT series is available with analog 0-10V, 4-20mA or 1 kOhm outputs. This sensor is also available with either absolute digital SSI or CAN-Bus outputs. The electrical connection can be made with either a M12 or D8 connector.
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