Stainless steel level sensors

Innovative Solutions in Naugatuck, Connecticut has recently secured FM approval for its TR420E series of float actuated level transmitters. The TR420E is a 316 stainless steel level sensor containing a chain of equally spaced reed switches and resistors. When activated by the vertically moving magnetic float, the variable resistive signal is converted to a proportional voltage or (4-20mA) current output through the 12 or 24VDC powered conditioning board located in the top mounted cast box. Available in lengths up to 18ft, the TR420E features a standard 1/4in resolution and can be supplied in a variety of mount sizes and enclosure styles. The various output options are compatible with most programmable controllers and digital receivers and is offered in either the standard four wire configuration or a two wire, “loop power” version . It carries an FM explosion-proof rating for Class I, Division 1, Groups A,B,C and D.

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