Stainless steel folding handles by JW Winco

JW Winco, Inc., a company that supplies standard industrial machine components, has introduce GN 425.9 folding handles, made from stainless steel.

The GN 425.9 stainless steel folding handles are used for lifting and pulling where the handle must only protrude a short distance in the resting position. Designed for use in the packaging, equipment case manufacturing, material handling, and transportation industries, the finish is either matte, shot-blasted or powder coated in black with a textured finish. The folding handle has a matte, shot-blasted finish.

For a folding handle with a recessed tray see our GN 425.8 series, for a folding handle with threaded stems see our GN 425.2 series.

JW Winco is a manufacturer/distributor of inch and metric standard parts. JW Winco offers an extensive selection of plastic, steel and stainless steel components and tools for the industrial and commercial equipment industries.

Image courtesy of Design World
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